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Working with the Jordan Portrait Design team has been both an inspiring and eye-opening experience. Kevin has an approach that encourages you to look beyond being like every other photography studio and instead become something more. It’s that transition from photographer to artist/designer that not only improves your business but how you feel about your craft/studio. They don’t lecture you and force you into their mold but instead give you the tools and techniques that have been essential to their success. This approach leaves you feeling confident and with the skills to integrate their system in part into your current system or as a full replacement. Kevin and Dixie both zero’d in on two key areas where we were letting our clients down and missing an opportunity in our studio. We started to implement those changes and we are already starting to see positive results. I know it’s not always cool to take a business orientated training but what the Jordan’s offer is so much more than that. Sure you are learning keys to improve your business but these techniques are also geared to improve your life by getting you back to the things and people you love. I personally can’t say enough good things about how I feel about my time with Kevin and Dixie. If I only had the capability work and learn from one team this year then I would pick them every time. ~Brian Stevens (Iowa Training Workshop)

Hi, Kevin!!! I am flying high right now!!! Called my husband to share my “little happy” first. Then, had to contact you right away. I just had my first client consultation since I came back from your workshop a few days ago. Obviously, I haven’t even had the chance to change out my studio samples, yet, as I plan to. However, this did not keep me from embracing my new designer studio model, focusing on large wall portraits. This client came in with the idea that she wanted 8×10 images and some web images for marketing for her husband’s business. I explained to her that she caught me during a little transition period in my business. While I was continuing the portrait business as I always have, I was concentrating on large wall portraits. I painted her an image of what my studio was soon going to look like – large wall portraits, canvas finishes, big fat frames…. Even explained how I would be framing these to best suit the client. It did not even matter that my studio had not changed a bit, yet. The vision that I created for both of us created so much excitement! Then I asked her, if she were to have a large wall portrait, what would she like to see. After she explained her dream, I showed her my large portrait of my family. We talked about the great amount of joy a portrait can provide for a family. I offered to come into her home to measure, if she wished. We are now going to have 2 sessions. One to satisfy her husband’s vision for his business and one to create her dream portrait. (I am doing the second session at no charge.) I gave her a packet of “fun stuff” with all price info pulled from it. It wasn’t even an issue to her – it had been an issue for me. I had unconsciously created a price concern for my clients by placing this info. in front of them before. I am SO already hooked on your model. I was convinced when I left your workshop, but after diving in with just a few of your points under my belt so far, I have already created a huge difference in my business. Just wait until I have all of the tools in place that you helped me custom create! You have made a huge difference in my business and in my life. My client left THRILLED today, with no discussion of cos.t I will be recommending your method to all of my other photographer friends. You handed me a plate with the tools that I needed. I will be forever grateful! Thank you, Kevin and Dixie for the time and love you put into assisting us with our businesses! I can’t wait to contact you with my future successes! Blessings! ~ Michelle Hjelle (Iowa Training workshop)

Follow up: Hi, Kevin! Just wanted to know that I had my first sales session since our workshop in Des Moines, and since raising my prices. I was SO nervous to give the final total. I played it cool, repeated back to them what they wanted (they did not ever have any prices in front of them) and gave them the total without hesitation. It was an easy $2500, double what I normally would have made. They didn’t blink. The rest will be easier and easier. THANK YOU!!! ~ Michelle Hjelle (Iowa Training workshop)

I recently attended a 2 and half day training program held by Kevin Jordan. It was a wonderful small group setting, which was absolutely perfect for me. I love small group learning! I am at a point in my photography career where I know I have to make some changes and I have to make them drastic and fast. My children are growing up and as much as I love photography…I will not miss their childhood to pursue my dreams. I was kind of the emotional sap of the group…but it is because I have know for quite some time that there are changes coming, I was just afraid that they were going to be negative.

So, I was in the perfect mindset for the class…I was ready and willing to make some major changes. The training was pretty straightforward, but yet…it seems too simple. In reality, the changes are subtle, yet very powerful. For the first time in months I feel like I know where I am going AND how to get there.

Thank you to Kevin and Dixie for the opportunity to learn from you! I had a wonderful time and someday I think I will look back and know that this is when it all changed for me. ~ Carisa Keeling (Iowa training workshop)

I attended Kevin’s workshop in October. As I am a very new photographer I felt very lost and without direction. I knew where I wanted to go but was very unsure of how to get there. I had sat for hours upon hours trying to figure out how I was going to set my dream in motion. I have attended other workshop too but they have all been bigger workshops with lots of people. I’m not one to fight for attention so I usually end up setting in the back just watching and observing. Kevin’s workshop was completely different. It was a small intimate group which I absolutely LOVED! It gave me a chance to really get to know the others in the group as well as Kevin and Dixie. For the first time I actually felt like someone cared about whether or not I succeeded. Kevin set down with me one on one and helped me put together a price plan. Dixie was amazing at helping us understand how to talk to clients. I can not even begin to describe how much it meant to me for them to be so personal and to help me. Really help me. I truly feel that is workshop is the one thing that I will take with me for my entire career. It has honestly been the most influential thing I have ever attended. ~ Laura Coleman (Iowa training workshop)

OK, Mister Kevin…drum roll please! Today we had a $15,100 portrait order! One of the first design sessions we did after you came to visit. I was hoping for $10,000. so this was incredible! I think the design session helped. It gave us a chance to talk about ideas and gave me a chance to prepare and get myself focused on exactly what we wanted to create! ~ Karen Goforth (Studio consultation)

Kevin Jordan is one that anyone would be fortunate to study with!  I learn something new every time I talk with them and love their “yes I can” attitudes in any economy and any situation.  Kevin will give you the tools to succeed in your own area and circumstances.  If you’re looking for help and ready to take your business to the next level, these two will help formulate a plan with you and be your biggest cheerleaders!  ~ Lori Nordstrom

Jessica and I sat down with Kevin several years ago in a hotel lobby and discussed business and photography for several hours. We came home and put much of that conversation into play. A lot of our success comes from that relationship. They are in tune with the studio needs of today, which are very different than just 5 short years ago. I would highly recommend that when they talk, you listen. ~ Mike Ridinger

I met Kevin exactly 18 months ago.  And one in one night my life changed.  Kevin’s attitude toward life and business conveys the power of positive thinking.  But more than the cliche.  Barely knowing me from any of the others in attendance at a photography workshop, Kevin offered to sit down and help me come up with a goal/dream list.  As we worked through it, we didn’t stop at modest, easily achievable goals that I was conservatively thinking.  He pushed me to open my mind to believe anything was possible; that limitations come from within my own head.  He taught me to see past those thoughts and stop thinking about the negative what if’s, but rather the positive whens.  Once those self-imposed limitations were mentally removed, the journey has begun and success is on the horizon.

The journey continued when I met Dixie about six months later at another photographer workshop.  They shared very openly and honestly their story of failures and successes leading to how they got to where they are now and what’s involved in staying on top.  They again changed my way of thinking in believing that we our business can be more of the level of a furniture store rather than a little nickel and dime shop.  As an added bonus, over the last six months Kevin and Dixie have kept the conversation going in a beta mentoring group to not only keep us on track, but also discuss other ideas and success stories.  I have come to believe in a famous quote:  ”Do what rich people do.”  Meaning there’s no reason to try to reinvent the wheel.  Analyze what someone who is succeeding is doing and do it.  That plan has done me and my wife well in that just 18 months.  I went from fledgling photographer dabbling in a side-business to my wife and I working together in the business, closer relationship-wise than ever before, and currently moving into my own newly remodeled 4500 square foot studio after quadrupling my client sales average because I was able to remove those self-imposed doubts and limitations.  The journey is not over.  It’s only begun.  But I have to put The Jordan’s mentoring program at the top of the list of Thank You’s that I owe for helping me get where I am today.  THANK YOU KEVIN JORDAN! ~ -Nate Peterson, Portrait Artist

After many years of capturing weddings within and outside the United States, we realized we wanted to stay more local and open up a portrait studio. Easy right…..wrong! We simply were overwhelmed with the amount of work which was needed to run a successful portrait studio. The photography we had down but it was such a small part of a successful portrait studio we simply were lost.

In stepped Kevin Jordan. They taught us the greatest value of selling portraits….. to believe in yourself. We found the biggest hold up in being successful was ourselves and through their training and view point we were not only able to open up a successful portrait studio but also expand into many other areas which we never thought were possible. As our Wall Portraits sales went bigger of course our averages went up, which in turned allowed us to expand our studio to our 4500 square foot location today.

Without question Kevin and Dixie Jordan’s knowledge and passion for not only making us believe in ourselves but educating us that no matter where we are or who our clients will be, we WILL sell larger portraits and be successful. The TriCoast team will always be in their debt for their passion in sharing real knowledge that simply works! ~Mike Fulton, TriCoast Photography